Mystery Writers You Might Know

Well, in this case, mystery writeR.  Many of you who read this blog also read “A Red Sox Fan from Pinstripe Territory” written by Jere Smith.  Not too long ago, I was one of a few sent an advanced copy of the novel he wrote with his mother, writer Mary-Ann Tirone Smith.  My plan was to pimp the book for Jere just prior to it being released.

I failed miserably.  Day late, dollar short, all that.

But my shortcoming works to your benefit!  See, the book is now available for purchase so you won’t have to wait to get your copy!  It’s called “Dirty Water:  A Red Sox Mystery” and I really enjoyed reading it not just for the story, which is wonderful, but for the inclusion of all things Boston and Red Soxy!

So support a fellow Red Sox fan, blogger, and just good guy!  Pick yourself  up a copy today!

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