I have no idea if my faith is real…but I hope think it is!

Yay D Woooooooo! Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Yay D Woooooooo! Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Not my “faith” faith. But my faith in this team.

I was about 98% convinced that the game/series/season was over after Daisuke gave up those five runs. The two runs Papelbon gave up didn’t really register as I figured they were just the cherries on the sundae of the final loss of the season. And I was okay with that. Really, I was.

But I promised KellyO I’d tough out the live blog. And I promised myself that, win or lose, I was going to support this team to the end. So I sucked it up.

And then they started to score.

Dori, KellyO and Tru all texted me from the game.

Dori wrote: “I can’t even speak”.

KellyO wrote: “OMP” (which is Surviving Grady-speak for “Oh My P(G)od”)

Tru wrote: “These guys are fucking killing me”.

All as the rally began. Then there was, pretty much, radio silence until the end of the game.

I cried at the end of the game. That actually surprised me. I was okay with the prospect of them losing when the score was 7-0. I was bummed, but not devastated. Once Papi hit that home run, though, all bets were off. I wanted the win…I wanted the freaking win. Damn you, Papi, for giving me hope.

Red Sox made history on Thursday night. I just…hell I still just can’t believe it.

Tru told me he would give Kotsay player of the game. Of course, it was almost 1:30am when he said this and he was a bit hyper. He might have said he would give Kotsay his oldest daughter.

Player of the game, from me, goes to the entire team. Another one of those winning as a team, wins. But if you force me to pick one player of the game, I still can’t. Justin Masterson and JD Drew share the honors in my mind.

5 years ago, October 17 @ 12:16am (12:16? 12:17?) Aaron Boone hit his home run. At the same moment, five years to the minute, JD Drew got that winning hit. At least, according to ESPN. Baseball can be spooky.

Best comment I’ve read regarding this win (thus far) came from, of all places, Deadspin and commenter AugieOjedaFanClub:

Red Sox = Jason Voorhes [sic]

Oh its [sic] safe to go home. We shot Jason 8 times and buried him under that slab of cement.

Oh it’s safe to turn off the tv. I guess the Red Sox just didn’t have it this year.

You turn around and look back, and there are dead teenagers everywhere.

Good God, I’m happy right now.

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