They aren’t all famous

Greg Montalbano Photo by Stan Grossfeld

Greg Montalbano Photo by Stan Grossfeld

When I met Stan Grossfeld in August, it was immediately apparent that he was a special person.  If you read the Globe on any kind of regular basis, you’ll find his photos are the most touching and his stories the most gut-wrenching and inspiring.  Today at, you’ll find he, once again, doesn’t disappoint.

With his story about and photos of Greg Montalbano, Grossfeld reminds us that not ever story ends the way Jon Lester’s did.  Not everyone has the luck and notoriety that Jon was blessed with.  I remember Kelly Jefferson telling me about Greg when it became public.  (KellyJ is a big supporter of the Worcester Tornadoes.)  There weren’t many stories back then.  No one selling bracelets or t-shirts in his name.  But this kid suffered through and is still fighting with playing baseball just being a distant memory for him.

So check out Stan’s story today.  You won’t be sorry you did.

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