Five Fun Facts – Kyle Snyder Version!

Kyle Snyder arriving in Japan Photo by Rob Bradford

Kyle Snyder arriving in Japan - Photo by Rob Bradford

Come on, you really didn’t think I was going until next February without writing about Kyle, did you?

Incidentally, Kyle’s jersey is back on eBay.  You know, in case you’re looking for a present to buy me.  😆

So, because I need something else to focus on currently, I bring you Five Fun Facts about Kyle Snyder!

* Kyle was roommates with Brian Roberts while they both attended UNC.

*  He was the 7th pick in the first round of the 1999 draft.  In that same round, Josh Beckett was drafted before him and Barry Zito, Ben Sheets, Brett Myers and Larry Bigbie were all drafted after him.

*  Kyle was swimming competitively at four years old.

*  He shares a birthday (day not year) with Michael Bowden.

*  He’s had four surgeries on his right arm.  Two on the elbow and two on the shoulder.  His last surgery was done in 2004 by Dr. Craig Morgan (the same doctor who is Curt Schilling’s main man).

Bonus fact because it’s a good one:

*  Speaking of Schilling, Kyle has the Schilling seal of approval:

“He’s as good a kid as I’ve ever been around,” Schilling said. “I would hazard a guess you’ll never find anybody that Kyle has ever met who isn’t wishing for his success.”


That last one makes me ridiculously happy.  🙂

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