What’s he selling now?

Pete Rose doesn’t have a new book to sell, so why – all of a sudden – does he go on the Dan Patrick Show today and admit that, not only did he bet on baseball, he bet on the Reds – “every night”.

Is he so thoroughly stupid that he thinks admitting this now will bring MLB and the fans who don’t want to see his face on a plaque at the Baseball Hall of Fame around?

I’ve maintained all along that if Rose was the derelict gambler he was proven to be, there was no way he didn’t bet on the Reds while he was managing them. That alone is a good enough reason for me to NOT put his mug in the Hall of Fame.

A commenter to the story I linked to called Rose a “pathological liar”. I have to agree. For years he refused to acknowledge he gambled. Then he admitted to gambling when it was going to make him money (through book sales) and now he’s admitting to betting on the Reds during an interview with Dan Patrick and Keith Olbermann. What’s in it for him this time?

“Everything should be for the fans”, Rose said when talking about letting him back into baseball. So he would get nothing from being reinstated…it would all be to make the fans happy.

That sound you hear is Sox Sistah Booklady’s head exploding.

Apparently the only benefit Rose wants to enjoy by being allowed back into MLB, is being a manager again. Out of every benefit he could gain, that is the one that bothers me the most. A gambler (in essence, a cheater) a liar…why would we want that man shaping the lives of young players?

On a totally personal and biased note, the man turn my stomach. I hope deeply that this man is never allowed back into Major League Baseball. With all the problems MLB has been having, bringing Rose back into the loop will only serve to push fans away with it being more proof that the commissioner has no concern for what is truly good for baseball.

I hope Rose lives a long and miserable life and never sees the day when he’s allowed back into the MLB fold.

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