“…stabbed by Foulke…

He has it. He underhands to first. And the
Boston Red Sox are the World Champions! For the first time in 86 years,
the Red Sox have won baseball’s world championship!
Can you believe it?"

I don’t care how cranky he got after 2005, Foulke was the MAN in the 2004 post-season and the boos that he got…well, I’ve gone on many times here about how I feel toward fans who boo one of their own, never mind a freaking World Series hero (See that, CHB, I called him a hero!  I expect to be smote at any time now!).  (Admittedly, though, I gave Foulke some grief here for his cranky pantsness so I’m not entirely innocent when it comes to him.)

Keith Foulke’s retiring isn’t surprising (well, apparently it is to the Indians and Terry Francona) but I still find myself a little sad about it.  And I’ll remember seeing him in the bullpen many times after games were finished in 2005 AND 2006, working himself out pretty hard.  A  lot of fans never saw how hard he tried to come back strong and he just didn’t have it in him physically. 

Godspeed, Keith Foulke.  And if I ever see you around, the beers are on me.

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