Be careful of what you wish for

Obviously, I can’t wait for baseball to begin.  And, if my calculations are correct, next Monday is truck day!

Unfortunately, with truck day comes not only the beginning of spring training, but articles like this one in the Boston Globe today.

Because he and the people around him are smart enough to not
talk with the media, Nick Cafardo is channeling CHB and has decided that (without offering any piece of evidence to back it up),

Though Ramírez came to spring training in a good mood last year after
potential deals with the Orioles, Mets, and Angels fell through,
Francona will likely have to contend with Manny being Manny again.

That’s right.  Manny didn’t get traded last year and showed up at spring training "in a good mood".  But regardless of that and, again, with no items of proof to back it up, Cafardo is sure that Francona is going to have a problem with Manny.

Manny didn’t speak to the media at all last year except for, as Cafardo points out, when he showed up at spring training.  Gee, you think Cafardo is just a little bitter?  I love how the Globe has Cafardo write this piece so it doesn’t look like CHB is pilling on Manny so soon after piling on Curt.  (Now, as anyone who reads me regularly knows, I never link to CHB, but I do today.  If you haven’t read his piece on Curt from last Friday, you’re missing a hoot.  I can just picture CHB stomping his foot and pouting as he wrote the whole thing.  Well, he can’t complain that Curt won’t talk to him now.  And Curt pulled no punches.)

After feeling great for almost five days, I have whatever the heck this is again.  Came back last night.  Thankfully, I don’t have the headache that went along with it last time, so I can function a lot better than I did last week.  So if there aren’t any posts for a day or two, it is just because I’m saving my energy for truck day and the beginning of spring training!

Have a great day, folks!

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