Sick Saturday

Too many people I know are sick today, so I’m in a sort of self-imposed quarantine so I don’t get whatever the heck it is everyone is getting. 

The JD Drew deal is done.  Finally!  I can really get behind this once I see him playing and not getting hurt.  Mind you, as I’ve been telling people, now he’s ‘one of ours’, so OF COURSE I’ll be supporting him.

He’s off to a good start, endearing himself to me with this quote: 

"When you play the game of baseball and you play in front of
passionate people, it becomes contagious. That’s where you get the
home-field advantage. That’s where a player really enjoys playing."

As I wrote somewhere else, why didn’t he just say "It isn’t that I was a lollygagger like everyone is saying…it’s just that the other fans were lousy!"  🙂

Regardless, I like the quote and I like the attitude and I hope he does a lot of good for the team this year.

Today was big ticket day at Red  My understanding is that most of the ‘regular’ folks waited hours in the virtual waiting room to either end up with no tickets or lousy tickets to any game they could get their paws on.  I waited a total of about 10 minutes in the virtual waiting room this morning and then figured out that instead of buying tickets to a couple or three games more than I already have, I could use that money and buy a ticket to opening day through one of the online ticket brokers.

Which is exactly what I did.  And, really, I saved myself some money in the process.

SO I have a seat IN the park for opening day.  In my favorite spot, left field. I have to tell you, I’m a happy chickie. 

This puts the total to 10 games, so far, on the season.  Opening day, two ‘group’ games in July and August (thanks Brad and Dale – yet again!),  a game that is still to be determined, because I ‘won’ it in a Christmas raffle (thanks MD! plus three games in September and three in May (including Memorial Day, AKA Trot Nixon’s return to Fenway!).

There’s also the possibility of a trip to the Bronx this year. I’m still waiting on the details.

None of these were purchased today on (Although, to be honest, five out of the ten I purchased through the Red Sox…just not today.)  It’s amazing what you can get when you don’ mind going to the games alone.  :-/

Oh, and I can’t wrap my mind around the Sox getting Todd Helton so I’m just ignoring it for now. 

I hope folks are avoiding this stomach thing going around and staying warm.

By my count, there are about 17 more days until TRUCK DAY!!!!!!!

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