The annual Boston Baseball Writer’s dinner is tonight.  According to Nick Cafardo at the Boston Globe, there will be a press conference there at 3:30 this afternoon and "in the past it [the press conference] has been used as a venue to make Red Sox announcements".

That is how he ended a piece on the progress, or lack thereof, of the JD Drew talks.  Implying we might here something today on what is going on with Drew, his shoulder and the status of his contract with the Sox.

Theo isn’t ignorant.  He knows full well how bad this has looked from the get-go.  Sox offer the man of glass a huge contract and then wait over a month (and counting) to make the signing official just because of ‘language’ issues?   Unless the change in ‘language’ takes a few million and a year or two off his contract, i don’t see how anyone will be impressed with the final outcome when it is eventually announced.

Unless they void the entire offer – which none of the ‘experts’ see happening.

I’ve been consistently in the camp of "I didn’t want them to sign Drew, but I wouldn’t mind his bat in the lineup", but I’m starting to lean toward the "why sign Drew with all his obvious, and NOT so obvious, headaches for all that money when we can just sign Trot Nixon and know what we’re getting?".

So we wait.  And wait.  And wait.  And MAYBE we’ll get an answer today around 3:30pm, but most likely we’ll just be told we need to wait a bit longer.

I hate waiting.

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