Good bye, Nelson

PedronelsonNelson De la Rosa died Sunday.  He was only six months older than me and he leaves behind a wife and a nine year old son.  He had a family who loved him and who are now dealing with such a sudden loss.

Regardless of what you might think of how he led his life, he made the best of his situation and became a success.  He also, whether we wanted him to or not, will always be a big part of the 2004 post-season and Pedro’s wacky ways.

Life is funny.  It would have never occurred to me that news like this would make me sad, but it has.  I can’t possibly eulogize this man…but I wanted to direct you to The Dugout (ever grateful to Dover for ‘explaining’ the site to me…) today.  Those guys have a way with words when it comes to things like this…and the Calvin and Hobbes homage was a nice touch.

All the write-ups about Nelson end with the notation that after an autopsy, he’s being sent home and his body "could be put on display in a museum".  Let’s hope the after life treats him with a little more respect than this one did.

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