Please explain this to me

SoIt’s the second game of the NLCS.  Your team won the first game.  Your team is only down by 3 in the ninth in game 2.  After being fortunate enough to score tickets and probably spending a fortune on them, you either leave before the game is over or you stay and boo your closer, one of the guys who got your team this far and who scored the save the night before, because he gave up the three runs your team is down.

When did Mets fans become Yankees fans?  Actually, that isn’t even fair since I can’t remember Yankees fans booing their players in the post-season.  (Or maybe my memory is failing me again?)

It’s game 2 of a seven-game series and your team has already won the first game.  Your team is playing well…there is certainly a chance they could come back (well, not NOW with the game just ending, but at the time they showed the fans leaving the stands and booing Wagner, the Mets still had a decent shot).    Way to stand behind your team, Mets fans.

I’m rooting for a Tigers/Cards World Series, but I have to admit, this was probably one of the most exciting National League games I’ve watched.  Regardless of which team ended up winning.

A’s are one game away from going home for the rest of the post-season.  So expect to hear lots about the 2004 Red Sox during the next A’s/Tigers game.  (Hey, and good for Kenny Rogers!  Let’s hope Bonderman can finish the job!)

Nice game, Cards.  Way to go.

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