Without the distraction of baseball (and with lots of caffeine in my system!) I sit here and think about my friends.  So, I’m posting some pictures here from the summer of my sistahs (and other friends!)!  Pardon the self-indulgence…but this is for the sistahs!  (And, my apologies to those who don’t appear here…I don’t have all my pictures at my fingertips tonight!)

Kelkaycynsept2006Kelly, Kay and RSC on that Saturday versus the Blue Jays.  I love this picture.  It looks like we’re at Foxboro instead of Fenway!  🙂


Kay and Lynn on the Green Monster (with Wally!)

Sotbllamajuly13 Janet and "the Llama"!

071306_gallery_06_014 RSC with Dale!


Pam, Kay, RSC, Melissa and Lynn


Lynn and RSC with Wally and Lester Jay (my frog names for Jon!) the night Carlos Pena hit his walk-off!

Kellykay Kelly and Kay

At_fenwayLynn, RSC, Kay and Kelly – Kay’s first time at Fenway!


Lynn, Pam and some good food!

Wet We got a little wet!

Kellymon Kelly leaving the Green Monster

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