Okay, be honest

Mikelowellaug312006Who among  you thought the Red Sox had any chance in a game where Roy Halladay was pitching against them and Julian Tavarez was starting for them?

Unless you’re my mother, who never, EVER stops believing, you’re lying if you said you did.

My friend Kay flew in from North Dakota this afternoon.  We went to an early dinner and her husband called us to tell us that Tavarez was starting.  She thought it was a joke.  Then our friend Melissa called us to complain about Tavarez starting as well.  We really thought it was a game that wouldn’t be winnable.

Well, thanks, among others, to Mike Lowell, Alex Cora, Alex RIOS and some great defense…the Red Sox got the win.  Dustin Pedroia flashed some major leather tonight. Hey, Kevin Youkilis getting his butt on base a few times helped us out too!   It was good to see.

Alex Cora is on the post-game show right now talking about how great the fans were tonight.  One of the benefits of the bandwagoners selling off their tickets?  Seems like the boo-birds are also gone from Fenway.

I’m not totally delusional.  I know what a tough road the Sox have ahead of them.  What I said today was that I don’t THINK the Sox will be in the playoffs, but I BELIEVE it’s still a possibility for them.

Even with Boomer going to San Diego.  Good luck, Boomer.  Hope you like the Padres fans better than you did the Red Sox fans.  Say ‘hi’ to Dave Roberts for us.

Pitching matchups for the games I’m going to this weekend (Saturday through Monday –  please don’t let it rain on us!) are AJ Burnett, Gustavo Chacin and Jon Garland versus the dreaded "to be announced", Josh Beckett and Curt Schilling.  Should be quite the interesting games.

I’m still praying for Jon Lester.  Not getting good vibes from that situation at all.  Our Big Papi seems to be okay…let’s hope that’s true.

If you believe in that kind of thing, I’d appreciate your throwing some prayers young Mr. Lester’s way.  All indications are that he’s a good kid as well as a potential ace in training…let’s hope he’s all right.

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