Five in a row

Well, at least they’re consistent.

Beckett and Delcarmen both pitched great last night.  Offense let them down.  Which I’ll take.  Beckett needed a good game regardless of the outcome.  Ditto for Little Manny. 

Five losses in a row or not, I still don’t think, as some ‘friendly’ Yankees fans have suggested to me in email, that my team has given up.  They’re playing hard, just not playing well.  As are many Red Sox fans, I’m looking forward to August being gone.  Bring on September!

I have tickets to six more games this year.  Three this weekend, one in a week or so and two during the last series of the season.  I’ll be in Fenway for the final regular season game.  It means a lot to me to be there for that game; I try to go every year.  This year, it looks to be turning into something a little more special.

Still worried about Big Papi, but hoping all the ‘it probably is nothing’ stories are right.  Watched the pre-game show last night and everyone, from Tom Caron to Tina Cervasio to Nick Cafardo…even Larry Lucchino, they all looked very somber when talking about Papi.  A few of us remarked to each other that it was almost like they knew something we didn’t.  Over the last two days, many interviews with the team made it look like some of the guys had been crying.  I don’t think it’s an understatement to say that these folks genuinely love the man and are deeply concerned for their friend.

Now, boys, how about a win to help lift Papi’s spirits?

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