Oh, Mike

I had every intention of watching the entire game last night, but my body had other ideas.

So, I missed Boomer give up a homerun to tie the game after pitching so great.  I missed Mike Timlin give up a homerun to tie the game after the Red Sox came back to take the lead, I missed Manny get himself thrown out at thirds, and I missed Timlin give up two hits and a sacrifice fly for what ended up being the winning run.  I also missed our offense only score 3 freaking runs in two days against the ‘mighty’ Mariners.  So, apparently,  my body knows what’s good for me.

At Fenway yesterday, Kelly and I discussed the state of the Red Sox and the Yankees.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m terribly disappointed that they lost and I’m very concerned about Mike Timlin, (not in the ‘they need to dump him’ way I bet a lot of idiots are going on in over at the Red Sox Fan Forum, but in the ‘either it’s just his age catching up with him or there is something wrong with his arm’ concern.) and I’m a little annoyed that they couldn’t get these last two WINS and take advantage of the White Sox and Yankees losing their last two.

But I’m not bothered by it as much as I could or should be, I guess.  As I said to Kelly, as far as the team goes, they aren’t under any pressure now.  The sports media and a good lot of the fans have written their playoff chances off.  So, if they fulfill that prophecy, big deal.  They’re only doing what so many expect.  But if they come back to life and do well (And so many seem to forget there is better than an entire month of baseball left.  This isn’t the last week of SEPTEMBER, folks!) it’s a bonus for everyone involved.  The Yankees, on the other hand, are under extreme pressure after last weekend.  The Red Sox won the series against the Angels and the Yankees have already lost theirs.  BOT The Sox and The Yankees lost the series against, of all teams, the Mariners.  It’s making last weekend look like a fluke.

Now, I know there are 5.5 games between the Yankees and the Red Sox, so the Yankees have a small cushion.  But that can change over a couple of nights.

No way am I ready to call it a season for the Red Sox…regardless of what the media, pessimistic Red Sox fans, or any Yankees fans want to do.

Off to the Tornadoes/Spirit game this afternoon with Kelly.  Hopefully the Spirit do as well as the Pawsox and Spinners did…and here’s hoping the Red Sox don’t get swept!

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