Absolutely no excuse for dropping four in a row to two of the worst teams in MLB.  No excuse. 

Any one who knows me knows I never give up on my team.  And three games behind on August 10th isn’t nearly as bad as it feels right now.  But I am disgusted.  Baseball should be the one thing in my life right now that isn’t depressing…and it isn’t.  When  you get no joy from watching, what is the point in watching?

I’m sure my mood has more to do with the rest of my life than the Red Sox playing so lousy…but, regardless, they stink right now.  And if they can’t win a series from the DRays or the Royals, how the hell are they going to win one against the Orioles?

Oh well…baseball is baseball and life is life.  I learned a long time ago not to let this stuff upset me too much.  So it isn’t like I’m going to lose any sleep over it.  It just would have been a nice lift to my crappy day to have the guys win a game they were supposed to win.  What are you going to do?

Between work being crazy and my wanting to avoid every negative Red Sox fan and Boston sports writer, I probably won’t be online tomorrow.   I’m just in no mood to deal with the bull.  The Sox will bounce back, of that I am certain.  It’s just tough waiting out the slumps.

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