Words of wisdom from Al Leiter

Michael Kay is going on about how important a win this is for the White Sox but it isn’t for the Yankees because the Red Sox already lost.

Al Leiter seems quite irritated that Kay thinks any game right now is a ‘must win’ and says, quite emphatically, "It’s EARLY".  Then he goes on to say that, sure the players know where their team is in the standings, but it isn’t really weighing that heavily on them during the first week of August.

It is amazing to me that Al Leiter has actually made me feel less pissy about tonight’s loss to the Royals.  Bu he has.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the live blog (Especially my gals Kay and Tex!!!)…it was nice of you to share the pain.

Ah well…this one hurt big time…but tomorrow is another game.

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