Sweet Sleep

Well, thankfully, I shut down my laptop and fell right asleep, so I missed the rest of the Yanks/Rangers game.  I guess HGHiambi came through again.  I have to say, I find it pretty offensive that even MLB is now referring to him as "Giambino".  Ruth had his faults, but he wasn’t a cheater.  He did everything on his own.  Not so for Mr. Giambi.  It’s too bad that MLB and the Yankees choose to ignore this just for the sake of pumping someone up for the fans.

Yesterday stunk all-around in my baseball world, but no worries.  Today is an off-day and tomorrow the boys will be back home.  They still have the lead in the East and all will be right again.  🙂

I found this quote from Bronson on his loss last night to be kind of funny:  "What are you going to do? They beat me up."   Good to know he doesn’t take this stuff home with him.

With the Sox and the Yanks both off tonight, it’ll probably be a baseball-free evening for me.  Kind of looking forward to the rest!  🙂

Have a great day, folks!

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