What a nice way to start the morning!

BeckettasThis is how Sean McAdam of the Providence Journal began his article on the Sox this morning:

Forget the comforts of home. Somewhere along the way, the Red Sox have morphed into baseball’s most powerful road team.

The Red Sox have hit twice as many homeruns on the road as they have at Fenway this year.  So  much for Fenway giving them an unfair advantage, eh?

The Red Sox have a better home record, but are exhibiting power on the road.  I have every confidence that this team has exactly what it needs to continue winning and make it to the post season.

Josh Beckett,(Remember him?  How many of you said he wasn’t that good?), is the first pitcher in MLB to reach 13 wins this season.  Yes, he’s totally over-rated (Insert eye-rolling emoticon here).

In five innings, as I pointed out last night, the Sox pounded Zito for 7 runs on 9 hits.  The same amount of runs that Beckett gave up to the A’s the last time he faced them in Fenway.  Doesn’t mean that Zito is through, but it shows me that the Red Sox planMannypapias on protecting their lead in the East. 

Manny and Papi both homered last  night.  According to reports, it’s the 41st time they’ve both homered in a game since Papi joined the team in 2003.  If that’s Manny being Manny – I’ll take it.

We also got really good news in the form of David Wells pitching a successful simulated game.  Apparently, Keith Foulke got some good pitches in there too.  I have a little more faith that Wells will come back before Foulke – but it would be amazing for us if they both did!

Schilling pitches against Jason Windsor tonight.  I’m hoping to see him get his 13th win!

Have a great day, folks!

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