I love it when a plan comes together

I can admit it now…I’m terribly worried about the Red Sox offense.  I’m not sure they can keep winning games if they don’t produce more. (Yes, this is sarcasm –  for those of you not familiar with my style or the back and forth lately in the comments areas of this blog!)

Let’s see.  Papi (33 home runs, 91 rbi), AGon (now at a very respectable .283), Tek (slowly coming out of his – way too long – slump), Youk (.289) and Manny all hitting homers last night and five other hits from the team on top of those.  Somehow, I think the talk of the demise of the Red Sox was a bit early, don’t you?

And y’all wonder why I never lose faith in my team.

The Blue Jays handed the Yankees their hats again last night, so that puts the Red Sox over them by 3.5 games.  My word, what are they going to talk about on the Fox pre-game show today if they can’t talk about the Red Sox suddenly falling behind the Yankees?

Kyle Snyder gave up two unearned runs last night and left with a muscle cramp in his calf.  It’s too bad.  I would liked to have seen him go deeper into the game and see how he handles himself past the fifth inning.  But no matter.  He isn’t ‘injured’ and will be able to make his next start…and he got the win.  A very important thing to note since young Mister Kason Gabbard is pitching this afternoon.  I always have faith that one of the young ones can get something done…but I’m thinking today would be another good day for our offense to kick in early and often – just to help the kid out.

I stayed up for the entire game…and then promptly passed out.  I slept the sleep of the contented, knowing where the Red Sox would stand when I woke up this morning.  Grey skies surround me, but it’s a beautiful day in Boston!

Have a great one, folks!

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