So ends my love affair with Danny Haren

"“I thought that was pretty bush league there," Haren said. “But I guess that’s the way they do things here."

So said MLBlogger and Oakland A’s starting pitcher Dan Haren after the Red Sox beat him and his team last night.

Pap Now, I’ve watched Haren pitch since he became a blogger here because I find his blog cute and moderately interesting.  My mother, because of his blog, has become a big fan of his.  We spoke last night during the game and she kept asking, "Do we have to beat him?  Can’t we just win?".

So my mother might not be happy with this post.

After David Ortiz was hit on Friday night, Craig Breslow hit Frank Thomas.  Thomas was a little cranky about it…so much so that Jason Varitek got out of his crouch and walked to the pitcher’s mound in an obvious attempt to make sure his pitcher was protected.  Frank Thomas could use Craig Breslow as a toothpick.  That was the end of the excitement.

Until last night when Dan Haren decided to hit Jason Varitek.  Tek got hit, took his base.  So when Curt Schilling took the mound, he did what any pitcher worth his stuff would do and defended his catcher.  Nick Swisher took one in the back.

Nick Swisher is a little testy about this as well.  Here’s what he had to say last night:

“You know it was on purpose," Swisher said. “Everybody in the [expletive] stadium knew it was on purpose. I didn’t think anything was going on for the first two pitches, then all of a sudden I catch one in the [expletive] ribs. The guy’s been hitting his spots all night. If you don’t think that’s on purpose, you’re crazy."

But, of course, Haren’s wasn’t on purpose.  I get it.  It’s always the other guy’s fault.

Oh yes, and surprise of surprises, Milton Bradley got into it with some fans.  Wow.  There’s a shocker.  Milton Bradley with anger issues.  Stunner.

Someone needs to talk Swisher down.  Here were his final comments:

“We’ll just see what happens [today]," Swisher said. And, again, as he stood up to leave the clubhouse, “We’ll just see what happens tomorrow. And next week."

Brilliant move, Nick.  Threaten the team to a group of reporters.  Genius at work, there.

I can’t believe that even with this ‘new’ Oakland team, they’re still whining.  Seems to be this team’s m.o. ever since 2003.  THEY started this, but the Sox are the bad guys for finishing it.  These kids have a lot to learn.

Oh yeah, Sox won last night.  But I don’t get why the A’s are so cranky.  At the very least, they leave Boston with a split.  No need to get their panties in a bunch over that.

Kyle Snyder is pitching this afternoon instead of Wake.  Which means, when I hit Fenway tomorrow night (Thanks, Brad!) I’ll be seeing Wake.  I hope his back is better…we need to get a bigger lead back.

One note about the White Sox.  Much like the Mets, I’m unimpressed.  Takes them 19 innings to beat us once over the weekend and they are thisclose to being swept in the Bronx.  I am not impressed.

Schilling pitched his best game of the season last night.  Regardless of losing two to Oakland, I still know this team is on the right track.  The A’s only got four hits last night – and only two off of Schill.  THAT’S the real reason why were all crying last night and why Nick Swisher is issuing threats.  Well, I say, bring it on boys!

I’m really trying to get home in time for today’s game, but that might not happen.  Hopefully, I’ll make it!  Had a wonderful weekend, though, and can’t wait to do it again.

Have a great day, folks!

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