Nesnjuly132006My weekend started on Wednesday and I’m having a wonderful time, in spite of being at the extra-inning loss on Thursday and watching the thrashing the team took last night.

Based on the timing of the comments from Yankees fans, it’s only easy for them to come over here and whine when the Red Sox lose and the Yankees win.  All the more proof of THEIR insecurities I’d say.

It’s funny.  I keep getting the "well, if you bash our team we’re coming over here and defending them" excuse from Yankees fans.  Yet there are plenty of Yankees blogs here at MLBlogs and elsewhere that get their digs in at the Red Sox..actually MOST of them do…yet I don’t feel the need to run to them all and get p1ssy in the comments.  It’s very telling and enforces my feeling of security inMikeljuly132006 regard to my team and where they are.  Keep the comments coming, folks, they put me in a better mood!  🙂  After 9am today, I’ll probably be offline until possibly late-night tonight…but I’ll be back to my normal online schedule by Sunday night. 

Bottom line…they lost three in a row and they’re still a game and a half up in first place.  Thursday night was a heart-breaker but last night was just a sloppy game.  I have no doubt there will NOT be many more like that one.  Chalk it up to a bad start to the second half and move on.

I leave you with the words of Mike Lowell from last night:

"We have, what, 70 some games left?  If we’re going to dwell on one, we’re just going to beat ourselves up for nothing."

Both pictures taken by me on July 13, 2006 from my seat in row 30 of section 42 in the bleachers!  I love my camera!  🙂

Have a great day, folks!  I know I will!

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