Well, I’m not ‘worried’ about Bronson any more!

Bronjuly9From today’s Globe:

One of the no-shows at the NL player interviews was Bronson Arroyo, the
former Sox pitcher who led the NL players’ ballots in votes cast for
starting pitchers. Bronson was scheduled to make himself available in
about a half an hour. Big Papi mentioned that he’d been out with Arroyo
at a party last night, so while the official reason for Bronson’s
absence was that he was nursing a cold, that elicited a few chuckles
around here.

From today’s Herald:

Cincinnati’s Bronson Arroyo did not try to hide why he couldn’t make a noon wake-up call to attend a media session with his fellow NL All-Stars.

    “Late night at the bar,” said the ex-Red Sox, who failed to notch his 10th win of the season Sunday in Atlanta. He said he could pitch if needed tonight.

Good to know he’s having fun! (And being honest about it)

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