I’m just glad it’s over

Yeesh!  19 innings?  No baseball game should go nineteen innings.  I probably watched every other inning since we were doing birthday things today with Madison…I really thought we had it in the ninth and, although disappointed, wasn’t upset when Papelbon gave up the home run to Dye.  Dye had been killing us all weekend and how can you fault a guy for only his third blown save of the year?  It happens.

Of course, the Red Sox  had other chances that they frittered away.  But all in all there really is no way to leave this weekend terribly disappointed.  Would it have been nice to gain a game on the Yankees going into the All Star break?  Heck, yeah!  But the Sox are still three games up on them…and they still won the series against the White Sox.

The Chicago White Sox.  In the series everyone said would be the ‘test’ to see if the Red Sox were for real.  Guess what, folks?  They are.  And I hope they enjoy their three-day break because they’ve certainly earned it!

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