Hey, hey, hey, it’s a beautiful day!

Sox are still three games up in first.  They just beat the mighty White Sox two games in a row, with very convincing scores.  I hear the birds singing outside my window and today is my niece’s 5th birthday.  It’s definitely a Beautiful Sunday.

But all is not well.  The Boston Globe is reporting that the MRI Tim Wakefield underwent came back negative for a bulging disk, but Wakefield says every time he makes the pitching motion it feels like someone is sticking a knife in his back.  Great.  If the pain doesn’t lessen, they’re going to do an MRI on his ribs in Boston.  One of the last things this team needs is to lose Wake.  Sending out the good vibes to him this morning.

Random thought not really related to the Red Sox.  You think Roger Clemens is re-thinking his decision to go to Houston?

Special thanks to everyone who stopped by the live blog yesterday.  I really didn’t expect too many folks to be around, so the comment count really impressed me!  Thanks so much, folks!

I’m watching Sports Center right now and they’re covering the Sox game yesterday, showing Trot’s spectacular catch.  Trot’s average is .322 and that puts him in the top ten in the American League among hitters.  You don’t hear much about him outside Boston, though…and he wasn’t even considered an All Star contender.  That’s fine, we’ll keep our Trot in Boston and let him rest for a few days!

Curt Schilling faces Jose Contreras at 2:05pm – Contreras has just been insane this season.  He has a 9-0 record with a 3.31 ERA and 71 strikeouts.  All we hear is how amazing he is.  But Curt is doing pretty well himself.  10-3 record with a 3.63 ERA and 109 strikeouts.  Given how we’ve played all weekend…I like our chances.

Have a great day, folks!

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