“A Perfect Eighth”

Miketjune192006Mike Timlin pitched one last night.  After getting lit up by the Tampa Bay offense the other night, it was good to see him back out there and as confident as ever.

Sox fans are noticing lots of camo t-shirts under the jerseys of various Sox players lately.  Either Timlin has started a fashion trend, or it’s just his influence in the clubhouse.  TImlin is my man, even when he implodes against the Devil Rays.  I wrote a haiku about Mike yesterday.  Probably nothing I can print here.  Let’s just say it mentions killing things, deer blood and beaning Jeter.  🙂

In the comments section of one of my posts from yesterday, maybe the day before, Peter mentioned that he finds it easier to write in his blog after a win and not so easy after a loss.  It’s actually the opposite for me.  After a loss, I know exactly how I’m feeling and what I want to say.  After a win, well there is usually so much to point out that it’s tough for me to focus on one specific high point.  Then, I usually miss something and someone comments ‘what about —?".  I don’t enjoy strictly ‘reporting’ what happened in the game, so I tend to leave out a lot of details that other folks think are important.

So, suffice it to say that last night out pitching did exactly what it was supposed to do…yet again.  Except THIS time the offense joined it.  Unlike what they did the three games prior to last night.  The Sox leave Florida with a win, and I have a good feeling about the weekend in Chicago.

Since there is a distinct possibility I’ll be using it this weekend, if not over the All-Star break, I wanted to post the link for where Jere believes the "Every time the White Sox win, God kills a kitten" graphic that I’ve been using since last year.  I don’t remember where I got it…I’m pretty sure someone sent it to me last season, but Jere posted that he thinks it originated here – and it’s only fair that I give credit for something I use so often and enjoy so thoroughly.  Thanks, Jere, for getting me the link!

I’ll be away next week from Wednesday through the weekend.  Don’t know if I’ll have any internet access (although I might Wednesday and Thursday after the game!) so I’m going to have to make the best of my time here during the Home Run Derby and the All Star Game.  Don’t think I’ll be live-blogging the Derby – but I’ll definitely be live blogging the ASG…might be the only way I end up watching the entire thing!

I’ll be in and out this weekend…here’s to the the RIGHT Sox winning this next series!

Have a great day, folks!

Photo of Timlin take by, you guessed it, me on June 19, 2006

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