I know it’s early….

June28amstandings…but this is still nice to see.  Bravo to the Red Sox for keeping their winning streak alive.  So much for the Mets dominating them, eh folks?

I’m not delusional enough to think tonight will be a cake walk…but I know it will be a great game!

I have to laugh at Boston Dirt Dogs for the pathetic attempt at saving face this morning.  Now he wants fans to boo Pedro tonight so Pedro gets ‘rattled’ and the Sox win another game.  Silva is grasping at straws now.  How sad for him.  Great work, Red Sox Nation, in putting another nail in the BDD site’s coffin!

It’s tough to really enjoy all this when  your mind isn’t completely in it.  Between things at work and some things at home, I’m a little distracted  right now – but the Sox help pick me up.  Things have to get better in those areas – I’m just holding out hope and saying a few prayers.

PeteytrotSpeaking of prayers – please send yours to Peter Gammons and his family.  This is some serious stuff, folks, I know this from personal experience.  Peter is going to need all the help (medical AND spiritual) he can get.  God bless, Peter.

"Double Play" will be live blogging the game tonight.  Me, I’ll be there with my friend Em.  From our seats Pedro will be  pretty much a blur (unless we get there in time to see him warm up!)…but it will definitely be worth it!

Have a great day, folks!  ‘See’ you tonight!

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