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So I’m watching game 1 of the Yanks/Marlins double header this afternoon and Michael Kay (that WAS Michael Kay calling the game, right?) remarks that with two strikes, the fans are starting the ‘moose call’.  Fine.  I heard the "mooooooose" calls in the stands.  The thing is, I also saw "moooooooooose" on the scoreboards in Yankee Stadium.  So it wasn’t some spontaneous cheer on the part of the Yankees fans.  What it was, was the Yankees telling the Yankees fans what to do.

When I was at Yankee Stadium last September, Al Leiter pitched for the Yanks so I didn’t get to experience the "moose calls".   But I did experience the "make some noise" signs flashing on the scoreboards and the constant music and noise created by the park NOT by the fans.

I’m not blaming Yankees fans, mind you.  I’m sure fans would be cheering with or without being egged on.  But I don’t get it.  It’s like sitting in the middle of an NBA game.  I see absolutely no need for fans – ESPECIALLY fans in a sports town like New York – being TOLD when to cheer. 

(An aside…Robinson Cano just doubled and then limped out of the game.  That can’t be good.  Former Red Sox prospect Anibal Sanchez, in  his major league debut, has a 3-0 lead with two on and one out in the sixth.)

For a few years now they’ve played "Sweet Caroline" at Fenway Park in the middle of the 8th inning.  The whole crowd sings along like we’re at karaoke night at the local bowling alley.  It’s a little bit of fun near the end of what is usually a long game.  This year, for the first time, the folks at Fenway decided that it would be ‘helpful’ to put the words to the song up on the scoreboard when the play it.  It irritates the ever-living heck out of me.  If I’m singing "Sweet Caroline" it’s because I know the dam words.  Don’t make me sing it just because everyone else is.  What’s next, Fenway, "make some noise!" signs?

Joe Girardi is taking Sanchez out of the game with two outs and two on.  Here’s hoping the bullpen doesn’t blow it for them (even though, after this game, I want Girardi to go down like a dog.  No loud music in the clubhouse.  No facial hair, including mustaches.  These are grown men, Joe.  You want to be a dad, go get your wife pregnant.)

For those who are interested and who haven’t seen them, I have photo albums up for all three Sox/Nats games.  I had a great baseball week last week and I hope the Sox keep it up THIS week!

I’ll be at Wednesday’s Mets/Sox game, but I don’t think the pictures will be all that great given where I’m sitting.  Ah, well.  I plan on taking notes so I can write a descriptive entry about it here.  (You might have noticed I didn’t really do any write ups for the games I was at last week…kind of par for my course…)

Once again, I thank the baseball gods for letting me see the Yankees game.  It’s even worth listening to Steve Philips to see Anibal pitch so well, the Marlins winning and not having to hear Joe Morgan or see Ozzie Guillen!

(Hey, I guess HGH doesn’t help with your fielding – number two error on the night for HGHiambi…)

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