Ask me again why I can’t stand Ozzie Guillen

Whitesoxkillkittens_4 A quote from Ozzie last night about Jay Mariotti:

"What a piece of [deleted] he is, [deleted] f ag.”

Look, I don’t even LIKE Jay Mariotti…but that isn’t the issue.  The issue is that Ozzie is a homophobic jerk (among other things) and he uses his ethnic background and upbringing in Venezuela as a way of weaseling out of that.

And the White Sox stand behind his nasty, hateful rants.  They should be ashamed of themselves.

As Greg Couch points out in his article linked here, Ozzie has lived in the United States for over twenty years – he knows what is acceptable and what isn’t.  What is offensive, hateful and WRONG and what isn’t.  He chooses the low road and people laugh and say "that’s just Ozzie". 

Well, as Couch also points out, Ozzie needs to be suspended.  He is certainly no role model.  Not as a coach and certainly not as a person.

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