Well, that was an ugly loss…

Matty …truly.

No hard feelings toward Papelbon, though.  It was bound to happen.  And he still pitched pretty well.  Not so Mr. Foulke.

Mike Lowell came through more than once last night.  So didn’t one Mr. Wily Mo Pena.  So I’m going to focus on the good and not the bad.

Another game versus the Blue Jays tonight.  Matt Clement versus Josh Towers.  Haven’t we been here May4standingsbefore?

The sun isn’t out yet, but it’s trying.  It’s supposed to be a good night!

According to the schedule, Curt is still pitching tomorrow night.  I can deal with seeing him pitch in person again.  🙂  Here’s hoping I get to see Kevin Millar too (since HE is really the reason I bought these specific tickets!).

Onward and upward, people.

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