Musings (Well, “Ramblings” really!)

  • Regardless of what the guys on Sportscenter call it – Bronson’s hair isn’t a mullet.
  • I don’t come to praise or bury Josh Bard…but I wouldn’t mind if he sat out a couple of games
  • The Boston Dirt Dogs site makes me embarrassed that they connect themselves with Red Sox fans.
  • Barry Bonds could hit 15 homeruns in one game and I still won’t cheer for him.
  • I’m pleased that Tim Wakefield doesn’t call out his teammates – but someone needs to soon, because at this rate he’s NEVER getting any run support.  Pedro Martinez says ‘hello’, Tim.
  • The only thing that took the sting away from tonight’s loss was watching the ‘lowly’ Devil Rays beat Mariano Rivera.  (I like Mo, but I like him more when his ‘human’ side shows.  Plus, as long as they aren’t playing the Red Sox, I like to see the DRays win!)
  • I’m going to make it my mission to get at least two people to start watching "Scrubs".  One of the few shows that gets better each year.  John C McGinley is my favorite television actor.
  • "Cheap Seats" is the only show on any of the ESPN channels worth watching.  I am inexplicably drawn to Randy and Jason.  (But be warned, their website is a bit annoying.)
  • Kevin Youkilis is the embodiment of a true Dirt Dog.  You go, Youk!!!
  • Red Sox are still in first place…May 1st is in five days.  THEN do I get to start being happy about that?
  • Two dunkaccinos and two Red Bulls today have me wired…so my apologies for the babbling!

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