What I learned today

Lennyloses_1I learned that how you play matters more to me than how cute you are.

  • I learned that if the Sox are on the losing side of a blowout game early on, the loss doesn’t bother me as much as when they lose it late in the game.

I learned that Alex Cora isn’t a bad shortstop – so even with him replacing Gonzalez for a day, I still love our infield.

I learned that, although I love our infield, Kevin Youkilis should stick to playing first base instead of third.

I learned that no matter how hard I try, there is absolutely nothing that can make me root for the Yankees.  A Yankees win over the Orioles today meant that the Sox would stay a half game ahead in the AL East…I should have been rooting for them but I just couldn’t do it.

Even though I wrote it earlier this week (on a different site) I didn’t really believe it.  But, today, I truly learned that if it meant never seeing David Wells in Red Sox again,  I could deal with Roger Clemens coming back to the team.

I learned not to take this all too seriously.  Three bad games do not a season make.

And finally, I learned that I have way too much stuff.  Been cleaning since around 11 this morning and it looks like I haven’t made a dent!

Have a good night, folks!  We’ll get ’em tomorrow!

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