With every at-bat at Fenway Park they show the player, his stats and a bit of trivia on that player on the scoreboard.

The scoreboard was one of the things I had the best view of last night (along with right field and the visitor’s bullpen), so I took some pictures.  Let’s just say, it seems they were hard up for trivia on some of the Devil Rays players.

Sterntrivia2_1 For example, here’s the trivia they posted for Adam Stern.  Game-ending, diving catch to seal the victory.  Good stuff, Adam, good stuff.

Let’s see what Joey Gathright has done lately.

Gathrighttrivia That’s right.  He can jump over a car if he has a running start.  Huh?  How do you even DISCOVER this talent, let alone share it with people?

But wait, it gets better.  Let’s find out about Mark Loretta.  Lorettatrivia Hey, look! He "belted" his first career walk-off homerun on Monday!  Good for him!

What’s say we check in on Jorge Cantu, okay?  Cantutrivia What is this?  He wants to be a full-time cowboy when he’s finished playing baseball.  Kudos to the fact-finder at Fenway Park.

I wouldn’t mind if all of the trivia facts were, well, trivial.  But most of them are informative and, oddly enough, baseball-related. So who came up with the idea of these odd-ball tidbits?  I didn’t notice any for the Red Sox, just the Devil Rays.  To be fair, there were a few for the DRays that weren’t off the wall…I found out that Jonny Gomes led A.L. Rookies with 21 homers last year, and Toby Hall has appeared on more Tampa Bay opening day rosters than any other Tampa Bay player.  Nice work, guys.

I’ll be honest, I got a kick out of the silly trivia…they should do more of it – and I’d like to see it with the Red Sox players.  Things like, "Trot  Nixon’s favorite snack cake is Hostess Cupcakes", or "Mike Timlin bites the heads off of baby kittens at children’s parties".

Someone at Fenway needs to get on this.

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