Did he say “firetruck?”

Today, J.J. Putz gave up a single to Jason Varitek in the 8th inning of the Sox/Mariners game that scored Trot Nixon and tied the game. NESN showed the replay of Putz’s reaction about three times. He watched the ball not get caught and he clearly yelled “fuck“!

Let me repeat that. NESN showed the replay of this more than once.

In the ninth, Keith Foulke got himself into a heap of trouble and was seen, on screen, swearing at himself. When he was taken out of the game and had to watch Mike Timlin let an inherited runner score for the 367th time in his career, (That’s not the exact number, just an educated guess. It’s completely possible Mike Timlin has only let 365 inherited runners score. I’m not a nitpicker), Foulke let loose with a few choice word. Which NESN got on video for posterity. And, yet again, NESN showed it more than once.

I am far from a prude. Any one of my blogging compatriots here will tell you that. I have been known to use a colorful word or two in my day. So my issue isn’t these players out there swearing. My issue is the networks covering them showing replay after replay of the players swearing. NESN isn’t the only outlet guilty of this. Fox Sports is actually a bigger offender.

Let’s go back to 2003. The ALDS was one for the keeping. Down 0-2 to start the series, the Red Sox forced a game five in Oakland against the A’s. At various times throughout the game, Miguel Tejada could be heard using the most popular 12 letter swear in America. Starts with a ‘mother’ ends with a…well, you get the idea. Fox had the field miked and picked up Tejada’s rants every time he started. Not once did they try to mask it and it, apparently, never occurred to anyone to shut off the microphones. Ironically, after Derek Lowe caught Terrence Long looking to clinch the win, he did his patented thigh slap and Tejada lost his mind. He was in the A’s clubhouse after the game, literally crying, complaining “Derek Lowe is going to be paid back for that sign.” He also went on about how his children were at that game and had to see him do that.

I’m sure the irony of Tejada’s complaints was completely lost on him.

My favorite instance of television practically glorifying the swearing of baseball players, came in July of 2004. Red Sox fans refer to it as “THE game that changed it all”. It is, of course, ‘the fight’ game. The game that sprouted the infamous ARod nickname “Dora” (soon to be replaced by “Slappy”, but that’s a story for another day). The long and short of it is that Bronson Arroyo hit ARod, ARod wasn’t happy about it and told Mr. Arroyo so. Jason Varitek took it upon himself to walk Mr. Rod to first base, and they exchanged pleasantries. Urban legend has Tek saying something snarky to ARod (he claims he told him “in choice words” to take first base) which led Dora to let loose with the “Bring it on, -insert twelve letter swear word- , bring it on!” tirade that became so famous.

Which, as we all know, Mr. Tek did. And then some. And we saw this exchange on Fox, over and over and over again.

I know there are worse transgressions taking place in MLB these days, but I still have a point. The media wonders why we have these athletes with attitude. They wonder why there so many Albert Belles and so few Bill Muellers…and I think they all just need to take a look in the mirror to see why that is. Just stop being so hypocritical, that’s all I ask.

And, yes, I see the irony in my calling THEM hypocrites. And I’m perfectly fine with that.

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