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Teksgrandslammarch82006wbc I’m proud to say that the Red Sox are making their mark on the WBC.  Mike Timlin has registered the USA’s only win thus far, Jason Varitek tried to put a spark in the team yesterday with a grand slam (only the second in his career) and Big Papi with those two homeruns.  But right now the star of the day is Adam Stern.

Before the team got Covelli, I was on the record as saying i wouldn’t be terribly upset if we had to go into the season with Stern as our centerfielder.  (Mind you, I’m quite pleased that Crisp is with the team, but I wasn’t one of the fans freaking out at the p rospect of having Stern in there.) Yesterday he made his country and Red Sox Nation quite proud.  He hit an inside the park homerun, something I don’t think anyone expected of him, and at the end of the game he was a double short of the cycle. 

Adaminparkhomerwbcmarch62006The only play I got to see him make was that amazing catch.  Chase Utley thought it was out of the park, and I at LEAST thought it would tie the game.  Apparently, Adam had other ideas.

According to the rest of the Red Sox, Adam is a good teammate and a great guy to be around.  (If you’ve seen "The Great Cookie-Off" video clip I’ve been talking about here, he’s the first player they interview about the cookies…hes a pretty funny guy!)  I’m awfully proud of him and the rest of the team playing in the WBC right now.

Even though he contrubted so much, Jason Varitek isn’t happy about his role in the game yesterday.  I love that about him.  He’s never one to sit back and take credit when he doesn’t think he deserves it.  And he pretty much blames himself for Dontrelle Willis’ poor performance yesterday.  That’s our captain.  Gotta love him!

06yankeesign And honestly, is anyone surprised that Bud Selig is burying his head in the sand again?  I think David Wells is a dope for saying the things he did about Selig yesterday, because I think you need to show a bit of reserve, especially when you’re talking about a guy who could affect your life the way Selig could affect Boomer’s…but the truth is, he’s right on some points.  Especially about how Selig is bad for the game and should step down.  And the irony is, I’m sure Bud will NOT be burying his head in the sand about Wells’ comments (see how quickly he responded to that stupid sign the "Yankess" put up), but something as important as the allegations mapped out in that new book?  Yeah, that can wait.

Selig has done nothing but help keep this dark cloud over MLB.  Much to my surprise, I’m truly enjoying the WBC, but that doesn’t mean I’m ignoring the things that are truly important to this game and especially MLB.  Too bad Selig can’t say the same.

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