Larry Walker: A Real Man

Larrywalker Well, after 18 years in the big leagues, Larry Walker is calling it quits.  He’s in Florida right now, acting as a Spring Training instructor for the Cardinals and he’ll be an assistant coach for the Canadian WBC team in March.

Being the ‘closet’ National League fan that I am, I’ll really miss him.  He was always a joy to watch.  A monster.  And he made Red Sox fans a bit nervous in 2004.

My favorite quote from Larry on his new job:  "I told Tony it won’t be an everyday thing," Walker said. "My wife’s going to need some help with the kids before and after school, and I don’t want to drop everything on her. I want her to have a life as well."

Larry Walker…one of the good guys.  Thanks for all the great memories, Larry and good luck!


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