“Baseball Sources”?

This entire Coco Crisp/Alex Gonzalez talk is really getting interesting.  The Boston Herald reports a deal is in the works for Crisp and the Sox are going to sign Gonzalez, citing "baseball sources’ and nothing more, and everyone runs with it.

But the Red Sox haven’t announced anything, Cleveland hasn’t announced anything and "experts" are already sounding off on how the deal isn’t that great.

THIS is exactly why I complain about the media so much.  Since when is something as vague as "baseball sources" a good source for an article.  Do sports writers not have to adhere to the same rules and standards as any other  journalists?

According to the Boston Globe today, "a source with knowledge of the talks confirmed Peter Gammons’s recent estimate that the Sox and Indians have had 70-plus conversations in the last month. "

Well, gee…between "baseball sources" and "a source with knowledge…", we’re all set for insider information.

Personally, I don’t see the need for Gonzalez when we already have Cora, and I don’t mind terribly getting rid of Mota and Marte for Crisp…but I’d rather wait until announcements are really made before I freak out or get excited…these writers just use these ‘rumors’ as another opportunity to bash the team.  And it’s becoming a giant yawn.

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