Someone needs to explain this to me

I live in Boston.  Been here my whole life.  Since I was in single digits I knew about the Red Sox/Yankees rivalry.  Both fan bases love baseball…both love their teams and both hate their rivals.  (Now there are plenty of Sox and Yanks fans who don’t "hate" the other team, and even I have to admit to liking Bernie Williams, Mariano Rivera and Tino Martinez – and at least having SOME respect for Derek Jeter – but on the whole, I admit it, I hate the Yankees)

This rivalry is known world-wide.  So why is it that Red Sox fans always get singled out?  I have three different emails in my inbox today, all from Yankees fans wanting to know why I hate the Yankees.  As if it’s such a surprise that a die-hard Red Sox fan doesn’t like the Yankees. 

It seems to me there are quite a few Yankees fans (not all of  you) who think that everyone should be Yankees fans.  All that "aura and mystique" you know.

There is no denying the history of the Yankees.  And I was raised hearing stories about Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio and Roger Maris….GOOD stories, positive ones.  My mother was a big Maris fan and we still speak respectfully of them.

Doesn’t mean I love the Yankees…not even close.  And with apologies to the Yankees fans, more fans DON’T love the Yankees than do.  I’m sorry, but it’s true.

I’m not sorry the Yankees are out of the post-season.  It makes me very happy.  I guess it would be different if the Sox were still in it…because it’s always fun to see them beat the bombers…but now, watching the ALCS is stress-free and even more enjoyable without hearing about how wonderful the Yankees are every five minutes from Buck and McCarver.  It’s time for some other teams to get the spotlight for a while.

I’m happy the Angels won tonight.  MLB screwed them with the schedule and their traveling…so it was sweet watching them step up tonight.

I’m even happier that baseball season isn’t over yet!

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