Pearls of wisdom from ARod:

"I still believe we’re the best team in baseball.  I’ll always think that. You can’t question our effort."

Okay…let’s back up here.  Are we talking historically?  I mean, sure, historically, as a franchise the Yankees are the best in baseball.  You can’t argue with the 26 rings, I’ll give you that, ARod, although something tells me that isn’t what you were talking about.

In 2005 there are four teams better than yours and three teams equal to yours (at least as far as the playoff rankings are concerned).  Okay, the Padres certainly weren’t better than the Yankees…and you had a better w/l record than the Braves…but you were tied with the Red Sox.  So, yeah, pretty much you’re wrong, ARod.  The Yankees are tied for fifth best team in MLB this year.  Congratulations.

And as far as questioning your effort…that’s debatable.   Everyone’s effort gets questioned when you lose.  Is it fair?  Sometimes not.  No one should be questioning Derek Jeter’s effort…especially not last night.  But I’m sure some will.

When you get paid the big bucks, ARod, and when you make statements (like you did last year) saying that you get paid to win championships…it would help if you could, you know, WIN a championship.  Or at least help put your team in a position to win said championship.  You’ve done neither since you’ve been with New York.

And THAT is why people are going to question YOUR effort….from now until opening day at Spring Training.

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