National League Baseball

I’ve been a National League fan since the Pirates in 1979.  ("We are Family"!)  So  when we finally got cable and TBS came around, I started watching the Braves.  And I really like the team.  Always have.  I was bummed in 1992 when the Blue Jays beat them (although I thought that their relief pitcher Mike Timlin was something to see!!)…and I was thrilled in 1995 when they beat the Indians to win it all.

So I’m watching tonight’s game since both the Sox and Yanks are on off-nights…and I’m enjoying the 5-1 smack down they are giving the Astros. 

Smoltz is still in there in the 7th, and Clemens is long gone.  Now, I know full well that Clemens is a first ballot hall of famer, and I also know that he’s a horse – and STILL an amazing and effective pitcher.

I also know that he pretty much chokes in the post-season.  And that should count against him somewhat. 

I make no bones about it.  I’m not a Clemens fan.  I was – loved him when he was in Boston.  For most of the time he was here anyway.  But he betrayed us (since when is Toronto closer to Texas than Boston?) and then he betrayed the Yankees fans as well.  I’ve never seen a player with so little fan support.  Sure, on the whole, whatever team he’s playing for the fans love him.  But when he’s gone?  It’s practically ‘Roger WHO?". 

So I weep not for the lack of run support he got this year, trashing his chances of a Cy Young…and I feel no sorrow at the Astros letting the Braves tie up the series (here’s hoping anyway).

Okay, off subject a little…but what is up with playing  "Thank God I’m a Country Boy" during the seventh inning stretch?  They do it in Baltimore and apparently (based on what I’m hearing right now) they do it in Atlanta.


(Not dissing John Denver…just curious as to why more than one team would choose this song.)

Oh yes…and why can’t WE get Brenneman and Lyons for our broadcasts?  Who decided Buck and McCarver are better?  I’m pretty sure I’ve asked this before.

B&L make B&M look silly by comparison.  Imagine, two guys covering a ball game and actually talking about the game without resorting to taunts and misinformation.

Oh and one other thing about this game….the umpires are absolutely awful.  JUST horrible.  The guys at first and third are just BAD.

Although, I wonder if Bobby Cox is going to pummel Furcal when he gets back to the dugout.  (And why the heck didn’t he go out to third and argue THAT call????)

I even get worked up about games that don’t affect the Red Sox.

I guess I’m a gal with a baseball problem.

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