Captain J

Bases loaded, one out and Jason Varitek up. 

This should inspire more confidence than it does.

Tek has one career grand slam and he’s 1-21 against Buehrle.

I can’t stand Ozzie Guillen…have I mentioned that?  (another dugout shot)

Jason…I’m so sorry I doubted you.

3-0 bases loaded…one out still and Trot Nixon up at bat.

Mike Piazza:  "I’ll take that RBI"…sure you would, Mike…if you were actually IN a post season game.

Trot is kind of the co-captain of the team to me.  And he’s as crazy as a sh1thouse rat.

And he just knocked in Papi and hustled his butt to first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rick Sutcliffe wants us to look at "Nixon hustling down the line" but ESPN is showing us Ortiz hustling down the line.  Good call, Rick.

Billy Mueller is up…come on Berman….you know you want to say it…

4-0 middle of the third.  Yay.

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