And the Bruins are on

7:09pm – Rene Rancourt is singing The Star Spangled Banner…all is well in Bruin-land!

Johnny Damon smacks one into the field Yay.

I’m keeping a running tally of how many times Berman mentions that the umpire Bill Miller has the same name as our third baseman Bill Mueller.

This amuses him to no end.

With apologies to the White Sox fans out there…I’m just not an Ozzie Guillen fan.  This might come up every time they show him in the dugout.

Edgar Renteria…coming alive when we need him to!

Second and third with no outs and Big Papi up…and he strikes out.

What is he swinging at?  Yeesh, Papi.

I’m sorry…Mike Piazza critiquing David Ortiz is wrong – just so wrong.

And our man Manny knocks two in on the first pitch.  Love it!

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