Why am I happy?

A friend on a private message board asked me that yesterday.  So I’m posting here what I posted there.  Just so the likes of evilsnare and the other anonymous Yankees fans who have been filling my email inbox with taunts, will possibly "get it"…although I doubt that they will.

I feel blessed (seriously) that I was able to do so much this year related to the Red Sox. Because of the Sox, a lot of "internet" friends became "real life" friends this year.  I finally, got to visit SEVEN ball parks I’d never seen before (the two in Ft Myers, the ones in Cooperstown, Philly, Baltmore, New York and Portland!), met Mike Timlin (technically twice!), met John Olerud, met Bronson Arroyo…was interviewed by MLB, made a new friend out of the blue, made many more "internet" friends, visited Fenway Park when there wasn’t a game and got to sit in the dugout and walk along the warning track, visited Cooperstown TWICE (three times if you count just after the WS…went to a concert at Fenway Park (the  Hot Stove, Cool Music concert, not The Stones), went to Bronson Arroyo’s cd release party…and so many other things I know I’m forgetting.

My point is, I guess, I’ve been so lucky this year and it has all made me so happy…I can’t be upset with these guys for not being "number one"…because I’ve loved them for so long without their being number one, I guess it doesn’t seem that important to me.

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