I’m sick.  Some stuffy head, runny nose, hacking cough, mad freaking headachey thing that I’ve had since last Thursday.  Had it all through my Yankee weekend…but tonight the worst of it is my headache.  So in an effort to stay up for the end of the Sox/Jays game, I’m blogging.

Lemme tell you.  Working on a laptop in a relatively small room only lit by a big screen tv is not the best way to get rid of a headache.

Chad Bradford just hit Korey Coskie or however you spell his friggin’ name.  Payback for blowing the throw to first which resulted in Tony Graffanino being able to hit a homerun that caused Gabe Kapler to rupture his achilles tendon (FREAKING OWWWW!!) on the way around second?

Somehow I think not.  But now it matters not since a double play ended the inning. 

The Sox need to commission a statue of Big Papi to be placed outside Fenway Park.  That’s all I have to say about that.

Scott Schoenweiss now has 73 appearances on the year, thus far 1 more than Mike Timlin.

And idiot just hit Trot Nixon.  What the heck is that, dude?

If the score remains the same and we don’t see Timlin in the ninth, I sense many more grumpy soundbytes coming out of the Red Sox bullpen.

None, I’m sure, from Timlin.

The boys need to take the lead from the bullpen captain and shut the he11 up and play ball.

DRays just tied the Yankees 4-4.

My hopes are not getting up.

HEY Mike Timlin is up in the bullpen! (Or as Remy put it, "Mike Timlin is on-deck").

I just want this headache to go away.  Then I want the Red Sox to win.  Then I want the Yankees to lose.

In that order.

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