Boomah is back, baby!

Man oh man is he back!  Unlike Mr. Bronson Arroyo, who decided that he’d come back after HIS suspension and s*ck up the place…Boomah came back with a vengeance.  "Make me issue that ridiculous apology, eh Bud?  Then I’ll just show you and the Orioles what I’m made of, bro." 

He’s the man tonight.

Complete game….only gave up one run…but wait, a picture is worth a thousand words:Wellslinesept42005_1                          What a wonderful game to be at!

And may I mention that Mr. John Olerud pretty much smacked the crappe out of the ball today? 

Doesn’t mean I want Kevin designated to "el bencho" forever, but it sure is fun watching Olerud hit.

Kellia and a few others asked what the deal was with Boomah’s number.  To start the season, he was  number 3 and Edgar was number 16…I honestly know no details, just that one day they switched (I’m pretty sure Wells charged Renteria for the number 3).  So there is no real reason behind the 16 except for that.

After both teams left the field and most of the fans were gone, Keith Foulke was in the bullpen, seemingly working on some pitches.  Keithinbullpen9405After all he did for us last year, it makes me sad to see him suffer.

Now to be totally chickie for a moment…I’m still flying high because I got to meet my man Mike (Timlin) today.  Sure it cost me $100 (the money is going to Hurricane Relief), but for that money, I had my picture taken with Timlin and John Olerud and they’ll send it to me with both of the guys’ autographs on it.  Not too shabby.  Mike Timlin is just a hunk of man in perosn…(Olerud was actually cute and VERY nice)….I met his wife, Dawn, who was very happy to see all the people there for her husband.  I stood between the two men (with my hands on their shoulders…dying, I’m dying) and they made small talk with me while I thanked them. 

Of course they rushed us all around, so this is but a blip in my memory…but what a nice blip!  Special thanks to Jason Varitek for coming up with this idea.  Bloody brilliant.

Sitting in the bleachers limits the pictures you can get.  I got Foulke, a couple of Wells and a couple of Schilling….and about 100 of Timlin.  (Can’t help it, I guess)

I also tried to get some shots of Eric Byrnes for Kellia.  That was fun…basically I took a picture of Timlin…took a picture of Byrnes…took a picture of Trot, then Johnny then TRIED to get Manny…then a picture of Timlin again…then a picture of Byrnes. 

I try to not take pictures through the entire game…but when I’m near the bullpen Timlin is too much of a temptation!

Tomorrow I’ll be with Cynthia, Kelly and Donna at the make up game for the rained-out game.  We’re to the right of the visitor’s bullpen a few rows back.  Not exactly prime picture taking position…but I’ll make due.

Okay…chickie mode off for now.

Sox won….looks like the Yankees will win (Mark Bellhorn hit a homer as his first hit for the Yankees…give me a break.)….regardless of the Yankees score – all in all a good day!

Parting shot that I took of Timlin…just so when I visit the blog I can see his handsome face!Manlymikesept42005

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